Please enjoy a mix of some of my favourite comments/artwork from the Grade 5 class, and some comments that have come in from some  my clients. Great stuff!

Ann Chatfield, owner of Live A Little Consulting, assists people of all ages and animals on life’s journey by removing energy blockages that do not supportive optimal health and wellbeing. She does this by using her intuition and using several different kinds of techniques, connecting to her guides and the Creator. She helped me to understand that part of life is about understanding and learning to work with human energy and how the energy influences in your surroundings relate to blocking, creating and maintaining vibrant well-being.

After meeting Ann at one of her energy sessions I was intrigued by her work. Shortly afterwards I was admitted to the hospital for a full knee joint replacement. By day three after surgery I could no longer get any rest, each time I closed my eyes I was seeing weird things day or night. I called Ann from my hospital bed, told her who I was and that I had undergone surgery. She asked me to continue telling her how I felt at that time. She began to talk away, some of it I remember some I don’t. I know that she talked about removing toxins from all the medication that I had been given. She talked about removing trauma of “having my leg cut off”. She told me that when I hung up the phone and I was ready I would be able to sleep. I did, I slept until 5 am when the nurses woke me for more pain medication. It was the first real rest that I had gotten and I desperately needed at that time. – Elaine C

I want to thank you for your time and assistance last evening! I truly believe you are an amazing person and I am blessed to have you help me!

Thanks for the boost, just what we needed!Your positive view of life and your cheerfulness always make my day.

Yes I did enjoy the treatment yesterday. It is amazing how you can go right into the essence of my being and see “stuff” that I didn’t know existed (at least not at a conscious level). I have not done anything like that before and am still assimilating some of the info. Meanwhile, I feel light and relaxed and quietly happy. I would like to contact you again in a few months’ time and arrange another session, if that’s OK with you. Thank you again for your time and for your healing gifts.

Thank you Ann, that was awesome! With your help, I have learned a lot about energy in the past month. Thank-you so much.

Thanks Ann, I too enjoyed my session. It’s always nice to hear your voice :) I slept so well last night! My back is still giving me a bit of trouble but it only woke me once last night, which is pretty good! I will definitly use my reiki treatment tonight, thank you so much!