About Ann

Ann Chatfield

Certified YUEN Method™ Instructor, Reiki Master & Oneness Blessing Giver

Since the early 80′s I have been researching looking for healthy alternatives that are simple, easy and effective, and most importantly quick and painless! We all have the capacity to do energy work and enhance our lives by this process. Several years of training in various modalities have shaped the sessions my clients receive today using any or all of the following training in aromatherapy, St. John’s metamorphic technique, Education Kinesiology, Tachyon energy, reflexology, touch therapy, Usui, Kundalini, and Tachyon Reiki, the Yuen Method™ and the Oneness Blessing training. I continue to learn each day from my guides and continually search for new ways of moving energy!

After being disabled for more than a year (2002) and after attending two intensive 8-week physio sessions, the long term advice of the physiotherapy team was to stay off my feet, which meant either constant pain when I walked or life in a wheelchair at a very early age. I was depressed and devastated! This wake up call prompted me to dig deeper and ask the universe for help! Kudos to the universe for being such a great provider!

Becoming a Reiki Master in 2004 was the first step and it was during this training that I was introduced to the Yuen Method. After a single 1/2 hour session, I was 50% better and have never looked back. It was incredible to me that the practitioner was in California and I was in Saskatchewan! The energy shifted across the miles with a simple phone conversation and a simple technique. I knew that without a doubt that learning the Yuen Method™ was an important part of my life journey.

The YUEN Method™ is one of the easiest and most effective methods that I have come across. I have been learning and training in this field for since the spring of 2004, and became certified in 2007, and re-certified in the Yuen Mastery in 2013.

I was inspired to take the Oneness Blessing Training in 2010 and continue to be open to new ways of moving & shifting energy. I have learned to combine all modalities with my intuition and trust in the Universe and the Creator to guide each session. I learn and grow with each of my clients.

It is my life’s purpose to uplift the energy of our world in any way I can. It is my greatest honour to work individually with my clients and to teach energy work to others. I am so grateful!

May joy be with you always,



Ann’s first home in Arborfield, SK
our-view-of-the-pasquai-hillsOur view of the Pasquai Hills. Focus your eyes on the horizon, do you see the energy moving?


Energies and willow trees
energies-around-the-old-oak-treeEnergies around the old oak tree